Changing to Direct TV Was a Good Thing

I am not the type of person who likes change at all. It doesn’t matter what the change is either. I like to stick to the brands that I know and trust, but now and again a time will come when even I have to admit that something else might be better. That was the case when Time Warner Cable near LA tried to raise their prices with me again. I say try because I did not allow it to happen. I had seen too many advertisements for Direct TV and I knew now was the time to look into the satellite TV company to see if it was worth it to switch over to them.

As soon as I saw their prices, I knew I was going to switch. Granted, it was an introductory price, but it is valid for two years. Afterwards, the prices are still lower than what I was paying with Time Warner. Continue reading

Tons of Great Old and New Programs to Watch

cox spotlight local baseball on coxCox Cable gives you so much that other cable companies don’t I can’t imagine going with any other company. If I had just wanted basic cable service I might have decide to go somewhere else, but I wanted a big package with lots of movies and on demand. I kept reading about how the on demand services with Cox cable had a huge selection of new and old movies. One of my favorite things to do is watch the classic Christmas movies in the winter, because it brings me back to my childhood. My favorite childhood show is Charlie Brown. I loved watching the Christmas special, because they knew the true meaning of Christmas, and how it was not about just getting and giving gifts.

My mother would always watch it with me, and I knew she loved it as much as I did. Continue reading

Channel 9 Television

Channel 9 was a Malaysian TV channel that broadcast between September 2003 and February 2005 before closing down due to company debts after having already changed hands once within those two years. The majority of its staff were the same people who had been involved in Metrovision Channel 8 before it closed. Both Channel 8 and Channel 9 were later relaunched as 8TV and TV9 by a company named Media Prima Berhad which continues to operate both to this day (as of January 2013). This company owns, altogether, TV9, 8TV, NTV7 and TV3, thus dominating the free-to-air TV market in Malaysia and being one of the biggest companies of the sort in the region.

As Channel 9, it broadcast a wide range of programmes in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages including a TV Shopping programme and a news programme Liputan 9 (9 Coverage) airing daily at 20:00. In 2004 the network changed hands from Medanmas Sdn Bhd to Anaza Sdn Bhd and rebranded launching a new segment named Hindi Power which broadcast Hindi and Tamil Bollywood movies and TV shows. This aired just before the news from 16:00 to 20:00, taking up a large chunk of the channel’s prime air time. Initially, TV9 did not broadcast its own news programme in the way that Channel 9 had formerly, opting instead to rebroadcast Edisi 7 from NTV7. Eventually, in 2007, it began broadcasting Berita TV9 a news programme which also airs daily from 20:00.

The company first announced that it was planning to pause its broadcasts on 1st January 2005 with the hope of dealing with its company debt and also cutting costs. It was at this time that Media Prima Berhad stepped in and accquired 98% of the shares in the company. By April 2006 the channel was back on the air under the new name of TV9 which it retains to this day. It initially changed its slogan from Channel 9’s “Malaysia… lah!” to “Dekat di Hati” (Close at Heart), changing it again in 2010 to “Di Hatiku” (At My Heart).

Since relaunching, the station’s primary target market has been Malay and Muslim and the channel airs a number of explicitly religious shows as well as TV soaps such as Anugerah made in nearby Indonesia. The station also sponsors original programming such as Ampang Medikal, a hospital drama heavily influenced by Grey’s Anatomy, and Gol & Gincu a TV series about an all female football team. A few American TV shows such as Smallville and The Nine Lives of Chloe King are broadcast on the channel as well as many kids TV programmes licensed from Nickelodeon.

Ordinarily, TV9 airs between 07:00 and 01:00 although it extends its hours during Ramadan when it broadcasts 24 hours a day. Without a satellite dish the channel is only available in Peninsular Malaysia but via the satellite TV service Astro, TV9 is available throughout Malaysia on channel 119 and has been since 2006. The channel is also available via IPTV (an internet streaming service) on the network UniFi or to stream through your browser if you are resideint in Malaysia at the URL:

Save at the Specific Sites

I was looking at a few different web sites that said that they would be able to save me money on my TV programming as my local cable service was getting to be very high in cost. I could not believe the amount of money that they wanted to charge me for a basic cable package. I went to to see if I could save some money with one of the satellite TV programs that are offered and when I went to look, I saw how much money they were going to be able to save me. I signed up from this web site right away and I was so happy that I was able to do so. Continue reading

Bringing Back the TV Memories

Cientos de fotos: Directv - logoThere are a lot of TV channels that are now showing the shows that we watched together as a family when I was a kid. I used to watch a lot of TV with my family at night growing up. We used to watch a lot of comedy sitcoms together and thought that were the best times of our lives. While we also played sports, TV was a major part of who we were as a family. I went to and other sites and saw that some of the old TV shows that I liked were available online and I could watch them any time. People were very happy that they could see their favorite shows online.